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Bus route: Xingye Street – Qipan New Village: Get off at Keli Stop and walk for about 300m northward

Departure Station

First bus

Last bus


First bus

Last bus

Xingye Street



Qipan New Village





Xingye Street—Shuangxing Street—Beigang Bridge—Xinkai Road—Beijing Street—Real Estate Trading Market—Wuyi Square—Zhengong Street—Xinggong Street—Shahekou Railway Station—Xianggong Street—Chejia Village—Chunliu—Liujia Bridge—Zhoushuiqian—Yingke Square—No. 57○6 Plant—Zhuqi Road—Paoai North Station—Timber Market—No. 9522 Plant—Sugar and Wine Warehouse—Refrigerating Plant—Taizi Bridge—Keli—Liaoning Storage and Transportation—New Sports Town—Dalian Warehouse Market—Dalian Steel Market—Sinochem Storage and Transportation—Bridge Head—Qipan Village—Qipan New Village


Qipan New Village—Qipan Village—Bridge Head—Sinochem Storage and Transportation—Dalian Steel Market—Dalian Warehouse Market—New Sports Town—Liaoning Storage and Transportation—Keli—Taizi Bridge—Refrigerating Plant—Sugar and Wine Warehouse—No. 9522 Plant—Timber Market—Paoai North Station—Zhuqi Road—No. 57○6 Plant—Yingke Square—Zhoushuiqian—Lijia Bridge—Chunliu—Chejia Village—Xianggong Street—Shahekou Railway Station—Xinggong Street—Zhengong Street—Wuyi Square—Real Estate Trading Market—Beijing Street—Xinkai Road—Beigang Bridge—Shuangxing Street—Xingye Street

Company it belongs to

Dalian Yuanda Motor Vehicle Passenger Transportation Co., Ltd.

Vehicle model


Ticket selling mode

Unmanned ticket sales

Ticket price

Beigang Bridge-Paoai North Station: RMB 1 yuan, Paoai North Station-Qipan New Village: RMB 1 yuan, Full journey ticket price: RMB 2 yuan, drop RMB 1 yuan after getting on and another RMB 1 yuan when getting off from the front door after passing Paoai North Station, the whole journey mileage: 21.5km

Ticket price for IC card

The same as the retail ticket price

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