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The “Dalian Evening News, Zhongshan Cup” 

Amateur Badminton Competition is about to be Open

       It is an autumn and winter appointment that lasted eleven years, is an annual event for badminton lovers in the city. The “Dalian Evening News, Zhongshan Cup” - Amateur Badminton Competition, sponsored by the Government of Zhongshan District, Dalian Evening News and the Dalian Beibei Youth Sports Club (national level), presented by Dalian Sports Center, Civic Fitness Center of Zhongshan District, will be held every Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 18 November at Sports Center.

       As the badminton competition platform with the most extensive participation, the highest level in our city, the competition has grown into a famous and influential brand event. This is closely connected with the goal of intensive effect to building a mass sports event of the Sports Center. The competition has a broad mass base. Every year, the badminton elite from all regions of our city are here to make the title of the champion, and the people who have participated in the year round said that, as long as the event is held continuously, he will always take part. This is the first time the event has been held in the Sports Center, the Badminton Hall of the Comprehensive Training Center will set six sports venues according to the requirements of the event, and the Sports Center will make the event guarantee in the field of arrangement and reception.

       It is understood that this competition is composed of individual competition and team competition, respectively the men’s singles, men’s doubles (group A and B), and mixed doubles (group A and B). The registration work has been fully started, and the badminton fans can sign up on the second floor of the Civic Fitness Center of Zhongshan District. In order to give back the support and love the majority of badminton fans to the competition for eleven years, all the athletes who sign up for this competition will be given a badminton racket provided by the event partner. We are looking forward to the common participation of the Badminton fans in this competition, hurry up and sign up!

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