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Citizen Satisfaction Survey of Sports Center Ends

——Improve Service Quality by Category

       In order to promote the citizen fitness service work of the Sports Center, further strengthen standardized management of the venue open, and enhance the service performance improvement, recently, the Sports Center carried out the “Service Satisfaction Questionnaire” activities on the WeChat Official Platform. The activity is lasted for one week, and more than 500 citizens participated the activity, which provided a reference for the precise improvement of the service details.

       The “coordinate” of this survey is on the improvement of the service, and on the basis of understanding the main purpose and frequency of the citizen to the Sports Center, the problems and advice proposed by the citizen on the Sports Center service is widely collected and sorted out from the aspects of service quality of reception, service defect and improvement of supporting facilities. In this Citizen Satisfaction Survey, the most satisfied items of the citizen are the service attitude of the security personnel of the Sports Center and the clean environment of the square and inside the venue, while more reflected items are citizen’s advice and hopes on the public transport around Sports Center, supporting service facilities and venue reservation.

       Through summary and analysis on the survey feedback problems, the Sports Center will find the weak link in the service work, identify the key point of the improvement of service work, and concentrate efforts to improve the quality of service by category, constantly improve the operation and management level of the venue, and to provide better service for the citizen.

       Fans feedback:

@ ORIGIN本*: Public transport problem of Sports Center is a real “long-standing, big and difficult problem”, although it’s convenient for people who own cars, but for children and the elderly, it’s better to open the bus and subway transport line as soon as possible.

@西湖醋*: Soccer fans of Yifang home game is getting more and more, every time it is found that the square is full of rubbish when leave the venue. Once, I bring my son to take part in the activity on the second day of Chinese Football Association Super League, I found that the square is very clean, this efficiency is so high that make me very delighted.

@吾皇&巴扎*: There is a security guard who patrolled the square is a good man, beacuse I was the first time to the Sports Center, he is very passionate and directed way for me, answered all my questions with gracious attitude.

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