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Dalian Taekwondo Championships Completed Successfully



       On Oct. 13, 2018 Dalian Taekwondo Championships and the 20th anniversary celebration of Dalian Taekwondo Association came to a succesful conclusion at the Gymnasium of Dalian Sports Center. This event is the annual Taekwondo municipal brand competition in our city. Under the guidance of the Municipal Sports Bureau and the Sports Association, it is organized by the Dalian Taekwondo Association and has been held for several years with the support and cooperation of the member units and social groups at all levels. It is popular with vast Taekwondo fans.

       The Championship has attracted 34 representative teams with nearly 1200 children participants. The competition sets six items, consisting of individual sports, individual poomsae, group poomsae, mixed double poomsae, parent-child poomsae, and Taekwondo dance. In order to highlight the fairness of the event, the sponsor has invite referees from Jilin, Jiamusi, Shenyang and so on. The Sports Center provides not only site support, but also provides accommodation support for some coaches and competitors.

       The competition site is full of joy and laughter. The young players are in fierce competition, offering a wonderful feast for the audience. The young players participated the competition have beautiful movements and strong emotions, showing their will, courage and confidence. Waves of shouting push the atmosphere of the scene to the climax again and again.

       Taekwondo is not only a self-defence method, the Wushu essence, but also is a fashion selection by broad masses. Practicing Taekwondo can cultivate self-confidence, coordination skills, increase flexibility and pliability, and moderate exercise can improve your body's resistance. The spirit of "beginning with politeness and ending with politeness" also can help children developing the virtue of tolerance and humility. This event has deepen the public awareness of national fitness, met the increasing demand of people's body-building, and set up a platform for taekwondo lovers to communicate, learn and display.

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