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Optimize the Open Services of Sports Center from a Questionnaire


       From 2013 to 2018, as a landmark building of “Football City”, Dalian Sports Center will have its sixth year of opening to the outside world. Many Dalian people are proud to have such a magnificent and practical venue, which has promoted the improvement of city function and the promotion of urban brand. After five years of market-oriented operation, the venues of Sports Center are fully opened, the software and hardware conditions are constantly improved, and annual events, shows and other activities are more than 1,000 times on average. The number of sports events, art show and commercial exhibition activities is increasing; the stationed training teams and the body-building citizens are in an endless stream. The Sports Center has become a more and more popular places for citizens, and also completed the transformation from “setting up good image” to “display function”.

       For fitness, the Sports Center is opened for more than 330 days throughout the year and is opened for more than 50 hours a week and has become a popular Gymnasium for citizens. For performance, LIU Dehua, ZHANG Xueyou, Jay Chou, Eason Chan, BIGBANG and other concerts are hot in Bincheng, more and more abundant concert resources not only provide new choices for Dalian citizens on weekend leisure and entertainment, also become a new indicator of the city life style. For competitions, the number of competitions has been increasing rapidly, the type is extensive, from Dalian Open Tennis Championship to the Rift Rivals (LPL LCK LMS), and the quality of the competition is gradually raised. We will strive to create brand competition of our own to improve the brand influence of the Sports Center.

       Over the past five years, the Sports Center, with the attention and support of the public, fully implements national strategies for national fitness and enriches the physical fitness activities around the people. In order to further provide high-quality and efficient open service, the Sports Center invites the general public to take part in the Questionnaire on Service Satisfaction of Dalian Sports Center to offer suggestions for the management and service of the Sports Center. From now on, follow the WeChat Official Account of “Dalian Sports Center” and click on the “Service Directory - Questionnaire” of the navigation bar, citizen who participated in the questionnaire will have the opportunity to obtain the body-building gift from the Sports Center, and the Sports Center will constantly improve the service quality according to the suggestions made by the public, and provide better service for the urban development and the general public.Click to enter the questionnaire.

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