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National Day Holiday Activating Exercise And Aatch-watching Passion


       National Day holiday, do you select whether to be blocked on high-speed road, or submerged in the scenic spot, or update the moments of friends in WeChat? This holiday, having a quality, healthy life is becoming a consensus of Bincheng people. The seven-day holiday is undoubtedly a rare “Golden Week of Exercise” for people who love sports, arranging special time to exercise also becomes a new standard for many people's holidays.

       During the National Day, the tennis center, gymnasium, east field of the stadium and the swimming pool of the Sports Center were opened for free or at low charge, and citizens who come to exercise were in an endless stream. The badminton, tennis, swimming and other sports have become the popular exercise styles, and the sites have been reserved very early. On the court, the pool, there were fashion youth, father and son, couple and many families, seting off a new round of national fitness craze. Mr. LI, an employee of public institution, took a pair of new tennis racket, which was bought before the holiday, and played with his friends at the stadium for two days. Mr. LI said: “Usually it is work for priority and exercise for auxiliary, during holiday, I can conduct intensive training and stay healthy.” In addition to the body-building, the National U12 Football Championship, the Northeast Region Youth Swimming Tournament, the Dalian Yifang home match of Chinese Super League and other competitions also provided various excellent sports matches for people and has built a Jubilant, harmonious and happy holiday."

       The modern life idea of sports fitness has been accepted by more and more urban people, sports fitness is also a kind of leisure mode during holiday, especially that the urban white-collar worker is busy in daily work and is in sub-health state for long-term, they can adjust their bodies by physical training during the holiday, in this way, they can relax themselves, and can also achieve the purpose of exercising.

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