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Feel the Strength of Reunion with Sports in Mid-autumn Festival

       The intense heat of summer has passed and we now have a clear and crisp autumn climate. Dalian City also embraces the most beautiful season in a year. In this joyous Mid-Autumn Festival which represents reunion and happiness, you might as well come to the Sports Center to do physical exercises and watch competitions if you have no travel plans. On Sep. 22, the Dalian Team will meet head-on Shanghai Shenhua Team on a home court in the Chinese Super League. Since August, the Dalian Team has achieved four consecutive victories on home courts and more and more fans are choosing to shout their support for the team through their eyes and enjoy the home court atmosphere of the soccer city. On Sep. 23, the 2018 Tourism City Bicycle Racing Circuit and the 2nd Session Time Trail in Dalian City will be commenced on the ring road of the Sports Center. In addition to experiencing the exciting challenges brought by bicycle sports, the participants can also obtain more urban sports culture and experience. During the Festival, all the venues and sites will be open to the public for free or low charge in specific periods and citizens who plan to do physical exercises here may make reservations on the phone one day in advance.

Introduction to free or low-charge gymnasium and site of the Sports Center during Mid-autumn Festival:

Venue: Tennis Center

Time: September 22-24 9:00-11:00, 14:00-16:00

Venue number: 6 outdoor venues

Reservation call: 0411-86698889

Venue:Gymnasium (badminton)

Time: September 24 9:00-17:00 (closed at 17:00)

Venue number: 10 venues

Reservation call: 0411-86698669

Site: The fourth artificial pasture of the stadium (soccer)

Time: September 24 13:00-15:00

Reservation call: 0411-86698789

Venue: Swimming pool — warm-up pool (1.5-1.7 meters)

Time: September 24 13:00-20:30

Favorable price: warm-up pool RMB 20 / person /2 hours

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