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The Sports Center Invites You to the 20th Anniversary Happy-singing Banquet of Yu Quan


       From the establishment in 1998 to 2018, Yuquan has injected friendship into their songs and integrated their recognition and appreciation to each other on their musical road into their creation. The group has composed the youth into numerous graceful songs and become the most representative musical group in mainland China. The pair of “dream partners” will lead the fans to witness better themselves and come across a better future in the gymnasium of Dalian Sports Center on Sep. 29.

       The youths once were Running with the wind and the youthful breath once was blowing on our faces are now the young ages rushing past. The end-of-century love story Most Beautiful is the most beautiful taste in your deep memory. Many years have passed and whether the youths at that time can sing the words “You are most beautiful in the heart” for the present? If your understanding of Yu Quan is only restricted on those classic songs, then you can appreciate the extremely appealing performance and dedication to music of Yu Quan on the stage through the program of I Am A Singer.

       For the concert tour in Dalian City, nearly thirty songs have been carefully selected and the presentation forms of those songs are also diversified to satisfy the ears of fans, such as electric, rock and roll and non-plugged live music. Besides, the subversive adaptation of old songs will also capture the spirit of the fans. The overall design of the stage will highlight the theme of “twenty”, which will not only bring visual impact and sense of beauty, but also show unlimited originality and creative ideas to the audience.

       With so many years passed after the debut, although Yu Quan has held numerous concerts, this is their first concert in Dalian City. Yu Quan once said that the most remarkable tribute to their fans was to sing and shout the most beautiful songs for them with true feelings in every single word or phrase. Join us in the Sports Center on Sep. 29 to relive the music road of Yu Quan and attend the happy-singing banquet of thousands of fans.

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