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Follow WeChat of the Sports Center Win Tickets of Charity and Friendship Match of Dalian Football Stars Team VS Hong Kong Star Soccer Team


       On September 9, ‘Jindi Group Cup’ Charity and Friendship Football Match of Dalian Football Stars Team VS Hong Kong Star Soccer Team will be held in the Stadium of Dalian Sports Center. It is not only a match but also a performance, which we can say it integrates the charity activity and party recalling the youth.

       There will be lots of stars. Alan Tam and other 20 Hong Kong Stars will play against and challenge stars of Dalian Wanda Football Team and CAF China League Team. At that time, Wei Yimin, Han Wenhai, Chi Shangbin, Wang Peng, Xu Hui, Ma Lin, Wu Jun, Jiang Feng, Sun Minghui, etc., will face the challenge. Each of these names can represent the times. Many football fans grow up wearing their football jerseys. These players who bears the glory of Dalian football will return to the football field; back to the times of Hong Kong stars swiping the Mainland China, children with football jerseys used to have several posters of Hong Kong stars. Those children who were born after 1970s and 1980s have entered their middle age. It is learned that the sponsor of this activity will select 10 good grassroots players in Dalian to join in Dalian Football Stars Team and play against Hong Kong Stars Team in order to increase the participation of this match.

       Apart from wonderful football match, there will be performances from stars during the break time of this charity and friendship match, making a difference for this tense match. During the break, the initiation ceremony of ‘Dalian Youth Football Training Island Support Program’ will be held, attracting and calling for more teenagers in Dalian to achieve their football dreams and promoting the development of Dalian youth football and philanthropy in Dalian.

       Activity rules:

       1.Follow the Subscription Number of WeChat Public Platform ‘Dalian Sports Center’;

       2. Re-post this moment on Discover and invite your friends to like this moment;

       3. Screen capture the moment with likes and forward to the WeChat backstage.

       By 8:00PM, September 5, the top five followers with the most likes (for flowers with equivalent number of likes, the time sequence of forwarding shall prevail) can win two tickets of this match

       Let us await with expectation, seeing who can win this match.

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